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"Beauty is truth, truth beauty"

So said John Keats, the great English poet, nearly two hundred years ago. My belief has always been "Beauty is meaning, meaning beauty".

How often have you beheld a dazzling gem or intricately designed jewel and marveled at its brilliance only to feel that magic quickly fade with time? It feels almost like a love at first sight that lessens rather than grows. It reminds me of that saying "There's a lot less there than meets the eye".

I have always believed that the true beauty of a jewel or gemstone lies in its special meaning, and the shared experience between the one who receives it and the one who gives it. More important than the size of the stone or the weight of the gold is the message behind it. The magic of the message makes it grow more beautiful with the passage of time.

That belief is at the heart of the ATTYGIFTS gallery of the Royal Graces Collection of unique ancient coin jewelry. I have studied art history, ancient coins, gems, and antiquities for many years, and have seen countless beautiful objects during that time. What I have always sought is that spark of meaning which renders each piece a timeless treasure, a special meaning deep within which allows you to connect with it in your own unique way.

It is that special bond which only intensifies with the passage of time.

Did you know that when the Emperors of ancient Rome wanted to emphasize the values of equality and balance in justice they would issue coins with the goddess Aequitas holding the scales of justice?

Did you know, for example, that to honor the medical profession and to emphasize the importance of health in society, an Emperor of ancient Rome might issue coins with the image of Aesculapius, the god of Medicine, or Hygiea the goddess of Health?

Did you know that Moneta, the goddess of the mint and money, was also displayed on coins, always holding the scales to emphasize fairness in financial affairs?

These surviving relics of a time long gone are beautiful testaments to the beliefs and values of our ancestors. Each has a mystique all its own that attracts you, and never lets go. This is what makes the Royal Graces Collection unique. Each coin, cross, gemstone or scarab that I have personally selected has a meaning and beauty all its own. Each piece becomes the centerpiece of an object d'art, perfectly complimented with the finest precious stones and handmade gold settings. I know you will enjoy the meaning, the beauty, and the history of each little masterpiece as much as I do.

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